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Partner with Us

The Opportunity

The Chuck Burch Scholarship Fund was created in 2000 out of a desire to provide opportunities for any student to get a college education. Now, the Chuck Burch Scholarship Fund continues to provide educational dollars to those who can't see a way, or didn't know a way could be made for them to get a higher education.  It is our vision to see every desirable student take the leap forward to getting that degree that would help advance their lives, and change the course of their future.

A Successful Partnership Begins With:

  • Assessing your future goals as it pertains to students to be helped.

  • Identifying potential workplace needs and/or career fulfillment opportunities.

  • Working with the Chuck Burch Scholarship Fund to help you identify initiatives that fit your strategy.

Why Become a Partner

Our goal is to build strategic relationships that will elevate our mission and our ability to serve as many students as possible.  The Chuck Burch Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for donors to honor their loved ones, support the hard work of local students, and help cultivate the next generation of community leaders.  Partnering with us enables you to:

  • support the work of the Chuck Burch Scholarship Fund in increasing the number of young adults that go on to get a higher education

  • attract your next employees through our networking events, conferences, and advertisements

  • gives you the opportunity to become volunteers and fund ambassadors and to engage the community with our outreach efforts

  • gain opportunities to speak at our conferences and events

  • work on a specific project or research activity

  • promote your efforts on our website, newsletter and through our social media to our growing community

  • connect with our students about other financial assistance and job opportunities

  • raise your organization's profile and the profiles of your leaders and student-leaders

We are grateful to all of our supporters for their partnership, sponsorship, and in-kind donations.

To discuss options regarding Partnership please email

Or call the Chuck Burch Scholarship Fund office at 972-841-1457.


We Need Your Support Today!

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